Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DSU truth or dare: a correction

Normally I try to avoid direct comment on DSU because of potential conflict of interest.

But sometimes it gets to be too much.

Nancy Willing has published a recycled list of half-truths and misleading statements about DSU (combined with some serious, true charges) that has been bumping around for at least two years.

I provided a rebuttal in the comments section, to which I signed my name--unlike the anonymous individuals who continue to circulate this list without correcting the errors.

There is much to be changed at DSU, but we won't do it with people who refuse to do the simple research to verify their information.

Sorry, Nancy, I expected better.


Anonymous said...

Steve, I know that Wilmington U does a better job for the undergrad night student (or they did when I went to Wilmington a few years ago) but at one time DSU had a nice Ed Masters that allowed for quick certification.
The sad part is that the night students probably make the college more money because we are less likely to use as many resources as daytime students might.
As a one time attendee of DSU (whatever you call the one drunken semester I spent there in 1983) I do have fond memories of the place :)

When I was looking for possible master programs, I found that both UD and DSU just don't seem to get the part time student like WIlmington U does.

And as far as the russian tennis players :) That is a NCAA-wide problem of overseas satellite pros getting their college eligibility back and coming to colleges to play NCAA tennis. SI's Jon Werthium did a piece on it about a year ago

Mark H

a most peculiar nature said...

The DW post is why blogging can never replace newspapers.

If they do, we are all doomed.

Delaware Watch said...

I got the same e-mail that was the basis for Nancy's post. It seemed obviously fishy to me, so I didn't write about it.

Anonymous said...

It was in the inbox. :-)
It was an active alum who wrote it.

My piece was about the ineffectual Allen. Surely the good professor would rather have the candidate succeed who is an actual academic in college administration?

Steven H. Newton said...

Just because it is in your in-box doesn't mean it's even vaguely true or worthy of publication.

As for my preferences in the Presidential interviews, I'll save my opinions for after the third candidate has actually interviewed.

Besides, my preferences in that are irrelevent to my main point: the piece you published is so erroneous in many of its criticisms that it does more harm than good to DSU to publish it, because anybody knows the person who wrote it is at best ill-informed and at worst hopelessly prejudiced.

Nancy Willing said...

I have sent this link to the author and he will hopefully respond. I take it that you will be giving your endorsement to a candidate once the vetting process is complete?

Steven H. Newton said...

As a faculty member I always provide my feedback to the search committee. I will do so in this case as well.

That is, however, distinct from my role as publisher of this blog or as union president.

So, no, I will not be publishing my recommendation here.