Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Primarily because I write way too much: this is Delaware Libertarian post #2,001

... or it will be if that damn Tyler Nixon doesn't post something while I'm finishing it.

Delaware Libertarian has now been around since November 2007, and when I started this blog not only did I not have any idea how to embed html links, I had no idea if anybody would ever read it. (There are a few people who persistently remind me that they see no good reason to read it now.)

But thanks to the first and second Brian, to Tyler, and (occasionally) to mat marshall, we've hung in there and done our part to generate debate in the blogosphere.

For anniverary's sake, here's the first post (in late November 2007) that I felt really proud of: Eating an Atheist Turkey.

It is, ironically, still relevant eighteen months later, as proponents of SB 27 keep trying to outlaw both gay marriage and civil unions, while the Prop 8 mess in California shows the continuing ignorant strength of certain types of religion in public life.

Besides: I doubt mat has ever read this one, and I think he needs to see an empassioned defense of the rights, intellectual contributions, and civil liberties of atheists by a professed theist (me).

Here's the other early post that I hope somebody would remember, from January 2008: Dana's Child. The interaction over Dana Garrett's son and my daughter was the first time the two of us really connected as human beings, and we established a lasting (even if occasionally prickly) friendship between a libertarian and a progressive that has led to many good discussions and lots more agreement that either of us ever expected.

I won't engage in any more looking back: there are plenty of items on everybody's plate that require looking forward.

And since the government on all levels still too often refuses to discuss the tough questions or the difficult decisions, I guess bloggers will continue to jump pell-mell into the void.

Thanks to everybody for reading along so far. Hope you decide to keep hanging around.


Delaware Watch said...

I for one am glad that DE Libertarian is around. Delaware needs its voice--its cautionary messages about the sometimes excessive use of governmental power.

I also celebrate the differences I sometimes have with the writers of DE Libertarian. It keeps me sharp, just as it says in the Bible: "Iron sharpens iron; so a friend sharpens the countenance of his friend."

You should be proud of your accomplishments with your blog. It has become a major voice in the DE blogoshere.

Tyler Nixon said...

...a space odyssey...

Steve is responsible for about 1972 of those posts, by the way, and about 99% of the in-depth academic analyses you see here.

I agree with Dana 100%.

pandora said...


tom said...

It looks like #1932 to me (at least if the numbers next to the years in the blog archive are to be believed)

still, quite an impressive number.

paulie said...


One of the best blogs out there.

Coincidentally, we just hit #3000 today at IPR.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I read it everyday.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! and keep up the good work.

DELB is surely one of the best written blogs...I read you quite often.

I post under 'anon' cause I can't figure out how to post under my name.

Hube said...

Best. Blog. In. The. First. State. Period.