Thursday, March 26, 2009

Re-post : Join Us Tonight!

A few of us will be informally gathering at

Dead President's on Union Street in Wilmington

around 7 pm - Thursday March 26, 2009

Please join us for some libations and good cheer.

You never know who might show up for a "few"....

Mat, Dominique, Hube, Mike Matthews, Shirley 'Curmudgeon' Vandever & Chainsaw, (possibly) Steve Newton, Paul Falkowski, and perhaps a few others will be there.

[At the same time Wilmington Mayor Baker will be delivering his budget (tax hike) address....maybe Dead President's will tune it in on their TV's so we can hurl food at the screen....Boooooooo!]

Plus, they serve a mean "Chicken Nixon" at Dead President's!

Hope to see you there.

UPDATE : Delaware Liberal's own Pandora and Mr. Pandora will be joining us. We will be discussing what anti-gay religious fundamentalist Joe Lecates meant when he testified to the Delaware Senate : "If you open Pandora's box, you'll never get the lid back on."


a most peculiar nature said...

Hahaha. You know, I read that in the article and immediately thought of Delaware's hottest blogger.

Pandora should sell t-shirts with that line on it:)))

downwithabsolutes said...

Wow...that picture is still a classic!