Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here We Go. Obama Administration Plunging U.S. Further Into Drug War Mire

Often when I ponder our brilliant lawmakers and policy makers in that shining swamp on a hill I can't help but constantly ask : will they never learn?

But the makers and perpetuators of our nation's utterly-failed anti-drug policies, which have been exploding in America's face for decades upon decades now, are not interested in learning anything. Nor are they interested in results, facts, or even common sense.

They are absolutely hard-core fundamentalists with such a bent for constant escalation of their "war" that they make George W. Bush's middle east war policies look pacifist and isolationist in comparison (not to mention the analogous corruptions of war profiteering). In any event, the purveyors of such aggressive militarist "solutions" are finding quite a cozy home in Obama.

All have vested interests in the endless pursuit of their war, whether political, professional, financial, or pseudo-moral. None...not a single goddamn one.....justifies the horrible fallout and deadly consequences of their insane and impossible quest for some quasi-utopian (totalitarian) end game of a "drug-free world".

Please. Fantasies like this, in which a set of isolated, insulated absolutists wield limitless authority through bottomless exertions of control not only to remake humanity but human nature itself, are the oldest and most virulent seeds of tyranny.

I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that a "liberal" like Obama is so happily-intent to double down on invasive, incredibly-costly, destructive, deadly schemes to control the world population viz a viz recreational drug usage.

But, alas, war is profitable...for a few. The question is how much longer will the many put up with the warmakers endless appetite for resources and control, their complete practical failure on nearly every front, their utter indifference to the death and mayhem they instigate and inflict like a holy crusade, and the wilful denial of reality required to perpetuate this godawful bloody mess they have created.

And now steps our glorious, once cocaine-snorting and dope-smoking, president into the breach, dragging the country further down this dead-end road of social mayhem and massive institutionalized crime and punishment.

Does he now believe that the young drug-using Barack Obama should have been made to pay for his drug 'crimes' like so many others not so fortunate as him, especially other young black males, whose lives have been chewed up either as pawns in massive drug black markets (created by prohibition laws) or as the arbitrary quarry of the drug enforcement and penal industries?

And all this, for what?

Of course, with all this comes a more and more comprehensive police state with all its accoutrements to ensure the tightest control on the civilian population such that a simple category of individually-used commodities can be summarily interdicted from millions and millions of end users, the vast majority of whom are otherwise responsible law-abiding people.

It's all just so insane, sometimes I have trouble fathoming what these people are thinking or if they are even thinking at all.

If only Obama could find it in himself to actually be liberal in just one measly good way, and actually change something in one truly positive and meaningful way, it would be to end this war.

President Obama is finalizing plans to move federal agents, equipment and other resources to the border with Mexico to support Mexican President Felipe Calderón's campaign against violent drug cartels, according to U.S. security officials.

In Obama's first major domestic security initiative, administration officials are expected to announce as early as this week a crackdown on the supply of weapons and cash moving from the United States into Mexico that helps sustain that country's narco-traffickers, officials said.

The announcement sets the stage for Mexico City visits by three Cabinet members, beginning Wednesday with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and followed next week by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano, designated by Obama to convene a multi-agency security plan for the border, said the government is preparing plans to send more agents and intensify its investigation and prosecution of cartel-related activity in the United States. In addition, she said, the government may expand efforts to trace the sources of guns that move from the United States into Mexico.

To combat the southbound flow of guns, ammunition and grenades at border checkpoints, the government may deploy new equipment, such as scales to weigh vehicles and automated license-plate readers linked to databases, as well as other surveillance technology, she said.

Government officials are discussing how to increase intelligence sharing and military cooperation with Mexico, following a visit there this month by Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And the administration could employ tools used to track terrorist financing to follow the flow of funds within the estimated $65 billion North American drug trade. Funds -- estimated at $18 billion to $39 billion a year -- move through wire transfers as well as cash smuggled into Mexico in planes and vehicles and by human "mules."

Sharp increase in killings

Obama, who plans to visit Mexico in mid-April and has said he will have a "comprehensive policy" on border security in place within months, has elevated to the top of the agenda a subject that did not receive significant attention in the presidential campaign. His focus on Mexico follows a sharp increase in drug-related killings in Mexican cities along the border, prompting fears in the United States of destabilization in the populous neighbor. Since the beginning of 2008, more than 7,200 people have died in drug-related violence, according to Mexican authorities.

Andrew Selee, director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said Obama's security and foreign policy aides have spent the past two months reordering their priorities as "snowballing" concern in Congress pushed Mexico "to the front burner" alongside the economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is an interview full of the same old bureaucratic doublespeak turd-polishing, repackaging the same tired fable we have heard for decades - that "we can win this fight if we just______________!"

Of course there are plenty of "Operation This" and "Operation That", as if any of the previous "operations" ever worked.

"We'll fight the drugs in Mexico so we don't have to fight them here!" or similar nonsense.

"We don't want the smoking gun to come in the form of a magic mushroom cloud!"

"You're either with or us or you're with the drugs."


David said...

Didn't the drug war start with liberals to act like they were tough for their populist voters after they repealed the 18th amendment? How would it be acting like a liberal to end the drug war?

I am not commenting on the drug war, but if you want to know who is responsible was it not the progressive/populist gang?

Tyler Nixon said...

Point taken, David. Liberal Joe Biden is the most aggressive drug warrior in modern memory.

Up until rather recently, the only well-known intellectuals or public figures to publicly decry the drug war over the last 40 years have all been conservatives / libertarians.

Perhaps I meant more that Obama might live up to purportedly liberal notions like protecting civil liberties and control over their own body, to which so many liberal politicians pay lip service.

It amazes me that the same folks who would take to the streets to defend abortion rights don't bat an eye at laws that make it a crime to merely possess, much less smoke, a joint.

As the saying goes : "keep your laws off my body".