Saturday, March 21, 2009

Missouri's Comical Yet Deadly Serious Police State

Now, with all due respect to famous resident Tom Knapp, Missouri is a state I've never really had much of a desire to live in. The recent Missouri police document on terrorism is a good example of why.

Mix in Gomer Pyle with Aldous Huxley, and you'd get a similar document.

According to Missouri law enforcement, Libertarian Party voters and members are part of the "modern militia movement" who plan to violently bomb gay bars, or something similar.

It's a shame that the LP is generally so pro-gay, with most pro-gay platform of any national party. It makes the debate short, sweet and hilarious.

Apparently, if you display an upside-down US flag on your car or your window, you're also marking yourself as a "modern militia member." I guess all my Green Party gun-hating friends in Manhattan and Berkeley who have been posting those flags since the USA PATRIOT Act was passed are suddenly violent right-wing felons (and getting arrested in places like Asheville, NC already).

Heck, you even see upside down flags in Democratic Party bulletin boards.

If you display the "Don't Tread On Me" historically-relevant flag anywhere, you're also a potentially violent and dangerous felon.

Ditto if you think taxes are too high and participate in "tax protests," or if you watch the online "Zeitgeist" movie -- which is especially funny considering the non-monetary New Age socialist utopia that movie wants to achieve versus the alleged goals of the nebulous "militia."

I want to laugh (and I'm sure you will if you peruse the document), but then I remember that the USA PATRIOT Act and follow-up legislation bases monitoring, flagging, detention without trial, immigration/emigration restrictions, and other federal and state intrusions SOLELY on the whims of people like the bureaucratic half-wits who wrote this crap.

In a slice of 2009's America, Gomer Pyle gone bad could land you marked by the govenrment as a "terrorist" on the no-fly list, on a government watch-list, or even in "indefinite security detention" for flying a flag, supporting a political party, or expressing a point of view on tax policy.

If an antsy policeman with an itchy trigger finger pulls over your car due to a "militia terrorist" Bob Barr, Dennis Kucinich, or monetary reform bumper sticker and freaks out if you roll down your window, you could even end up dead.

That's something that should motivate you to action, regardless of your political beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes things just seem to make sense especially when we fail to give the matter thought..

We need to protect America. Let's crack down on crackpots...

But it comes from the actual accomplishment of such a task, that the foolishness underlying its premise, is suddenly exposed... Society then takes a turn back to normalcy.

In that sense we needed Joe McCarthy during the 50's to point out the ridiculousness of this tactic...

I guess in that sense, we need today's fool, which Missouri has stepped up to play the part, to do the same...

Pointing out the inconsistencies as have you... is the first step of insuring that the rights of American citizens in the other forty-nine, do not suffer the same fate as those unfortunate to live in the "show me" state...

Their foolishness is just part of the script, and the play must be played...