Friday, August 17, 2012

Campaign quick hits

1.  Over at Delaware Politics, Frank Knotts is whining about Will McVay running in the 32nd District again.  My favorite line:
So I would say to all Republicans in the 32nd district, if you hold the values and principles of the Grand Old Party as important, then I would caution you against supporting Mr. Will McVay, who has on many occasions stated that he would be glad to see the GOP destroyed.
What values and principles of the Grand Old Party?

2.  The GOP has challenged the Libertarian Party's ballot access in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, and other places.  So turnabout is fair play:  the Libertarian Party goes to court in Washington to push Mitt Romney off the ballot, claiming that the Republicans are no longer a major party under state law.  Watch closely, Delaware Republicans--this could be your future.

3. Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson receives 24% in a national head-to-head poll with President Obama, up from 19% about two weeks ago.

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tom said...

This is a better article about the Poll from the same source.

The one you cited doesn't mention that Obama got only 45%, and the rest went to "Some other candidate" and "Undecided".