Friday, August 10, 2012

In today's News-Journal John Young endorses Libertarian position on elected State Board of Education

It should be emphasized that John is endorsing an idea, not a candidate, but it is also worth noting that Libertarian positions in this year's Delaware elections--from openly supporting marriage equality, to ending the war on drugs (see the political cartoon in today's WNJ which isn't up on the website yet), to an elected State Board--are rapidly gaining traction and forcing Demopublicans to deal with the fact that they haven't really had an original (or gutsy) position in state politics since . . . forever.

From the letters:

The recent excellent reporting by The News Journal on the crisis of confidence at Pencader Charter High School has exposed a fissure in Delaware government accountability: the appointed State Board of Education.
Delawareans deserve a responsive government. Currently the Delaware Department of Education, unlike other states, is run by a gubernatorial appointment: Secretary of Education. This person then is accountable to the State Board of Education, also appointed by the governor. There is no direct electoral link to the operations of our Department of Education. The result: plodding and slow reaction to situations like Pencader. An elected board could easily be directly lobbied by the voting public into calling a meeting within seven days to respond to the new challenges at the school.
Recently our state’s Libertarian candidates have endorsed the concept of an elected State Board of Education that would, among other duties, hire/fire a newly created replacement position of state Superintendent of Education, removing both the Board of Education and Chief DOE officer positions from the politics of the Governor’s office.
I ardently support this idea, particular as Pencader continues its struggles in real time with no obvious public action in sight.
John Young

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