Friday, August 10, 2012

WGMD: Sussex Libertarian meet and greet covered

Unlike the News Journal or WDEL in the northern part of the state, the media in Sussex County (WGMD and the Cape Gazette) actually cover electoral politics rather than spending their days deciding what NOT to cover.

For example, last night's Libertarian event:

The Sussex County Libertarian Party hosted a candidate meet-and-greet during their monthly meeting at the Grotto’s Grand Slam in Seaford. Among the candidates were 6th Senate District candidate Wendy Jones, 20th House District candidate Valerie Valenska, 35th District Candidate Ron Fitzgerald, and Insurance Commissioner and Sussex County Clerk of the Peack candidate David Eisenhour.
Jones explained that Libertarians are socially liberal, fiscally conservative, are Constitutionally oriented, and are looking to cut taxes and wasteful spending, reduce the size and regulatory power of government and get it out of our lives. She says that Republicans and Democrats sound almost exactly the same on expanding the size of government. Jones is one of six candidates in the race for the 6th Senate seat, one of the most hotly contested races in Delaware.
Valenska says that Libertarians are tired of big government, and want to reduce the influence it has on our lives. She says if elected, she’ll look for laws to repeal that will reduce the size and scope of government. Valenska says that career politicians from both major parties have been at the point for a long time where they only want to talk to their constituents, and not listen. She says that’s been the case coast to coast for 40 years, while Libertarians, on the other hand, have been saying pretty much the same thing nationwide about smaller government, lower taxes and more personal responsibility. Valenska says libertarians want to bring and end to the state and federal governments being “Big Brother” and “nanny states.”

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