Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meet Paul Ryan

Not real sure what the finger thing is, either.


Eric Dondero said...

Many Libertarians would have voted in favor of the Patriot Act. If you oppose the Patriot Act you essentially endorse a weak approach to fighting Islamic terrorism.

3,000 of our fellow Americans died on 9/11, including a number of Delawareans. It's sad, very, very sad, that some Libertarians don't see that as a big deal.

(Agree his marijuana vote sucks!)

Steven H. Newton said...

Yep, the appropriate response to being bombed by foreigners on 9/11 who snuck into the country was to take away civil rights from millions of American citizens who never did anything wrong.

Got it.

Eric Dondero said...

Was it taking away civil rights for Americans or Muslims?

If we are bound by political correctness, and cannot even bring ourselves to identify our enemies, we are doomed.

I'm sorry, but giving a Saudi student overstaying their Visa the right to look up plans for dirty bombs, on TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED computers at the local library in Newark, or Bear, or Claymont, or Smyrna does not fit the definition of "libertarian" to me.

Eric Dondero said...

What exactly would be an appropriate response to the killings of 3,000 of our fellow countrymen Steve?

Do you honestly think dropping a few bombs on Afghanistan would be enough?

I'm half Italian dude. We I-talians have an old saying: You fucka wid my family, we come to your village and kill your entire family, then we burn down your village, and just for shits and giggles, we may even burn down the entire country-side surrounding your village.

Simply put: You fuck with the United States of America, we will blow your little shitole of a country into kingdom come. THAT'S LIBERTARIAN.

Eric Dondero said...

I gotta ask the left-libertarians, is there ANYTHING? you all would have done, anything at all, after 9/11 to counter the Islamists here in the United States? Would you all left-libertarians just left them alone, completely. Just go about your business Mr. Muslim. No problem that your fellow Muslims killed 3,000 Americans. We don't care. Just keep doing it to us Mr. Muslim. Cause you know we Americans are such patsys.

My gosh, talk about Girlie-manization of America. Limp-writers and white flag wavers unite.

Eric Dondero said...

I would remind you left-libertarians, Major Nidal Hassan was a DIRECT RESULT!!! of y'all's limp-wristed policies towards Islamists.

Because we were so goddamned PC, the military didn't go after Hassan. They were too scardy-cat to do anything for fear they'd be called "racists."

This despite the fact that Hassan repeatedly threatened his non-Muslim collegues in the Army.

Result of Political Correctness on Hassan: 13 American soldiders shot dead, another 30 seriously wounded.

Thanks left-libertarians. Thanks leftist girly-man-ners. Keep promoting PC wimpy-ass policies on Islamism, and we'll have even more Americans dead.

tom said...

OK Eric. We get it. You're a "libertarian" warmonger who loves the Patriot Act more than the Bill of Rights.

But you still haven't stated which sections of the Patriot Act are really good from a libertarian perspective.

Eric Dondero said...

And you're a so-called libertarian who loves Sharia Law more than the US Constitution.

We pro-defense libertarians call that girlie-manism. "Oh, Mr. Muslim we're so sorry we've got troops on your land. Please don't be mad at us. Let me bend over and you can fuck me up the ass. Would that make you feel better? Please don't kill us Mr. Muslim."

Eric Dondero said...

Hey Tom, tell ya what, you tell me what parts of Sharia Law are consistent with libertarianism and I'll answer your question about the Patriot Act.

Is it the ban on alcohol?

How 'bout the part where the Muslims hang gay guys from the nearest lamppost?

Or, maybe it's the part where they force our pretty wives/girlfriends to wear ugly black burkas from head to toe.

Really, where in Sharia Law consistent with libertarian values? C'mon Tom. Don't be a pussy boy. Fess up. You say you don't want to fight back against the Islamo-Nazis. You're all anxious to surrender to them. Fine. Tell me how it is we'll have a libertarian society living under Islam?

tom said...

Ad hominem attacks & Straw Men won't work Eric. You said "The Patriot Act is a mixed bag; half is really good, the other is bad from a libertarian perspective."

If you want to continue this pathetic attempt to evade the issue, cite something I ever said in favor of Sharia Law. Don't just make shit up.

Otherwise, answer the question: which sections of the Patriot Act do you think are really good from a libertarian perspective?

Skip the rhetoric. Just cite about half of the 9 sections of U.S. Code it added and/or the 108 sections of U.S. Code it amended.

delacrat said...


After seeing your copious use of:

"patsys", "Girlie-man", "Limp-writers", "white flag wavers", "limp-wristed", "scardy-cat", "Political Correct", "left-libertarians"," leftist girly-man-ners","wimpy-ass"

I would suggest you might want to wait until you've passed the 3rd grade elementary school before posting again.

Cordially yours,


anonone said...

Eric Dondero = James Holmes wannabe

In other words, a murderous asshole who support mass indiscriminate killing of innocent people.

Eric Dondero said...

Hey "delacrat" ever served in the Military? I did. 4 years. Joined right here in Delaware.

I'd thank you to thank me for my military service chicken shit.

anonone said...

Hey Eric, why don't you thank Wade Michael Page for his service, because you're both cut from the same cloth of murderous assholes.

tom said...

Hey Eric,

Still waiting for your answer: which sections of the Patriot Act do you think are really good from a libertarian perspective?

or better yet, just man up and admit that you made an outrageous and indefensible statement.