Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gary Johnson agrees with me: Paul Ryan no Libertarian

Speaking in Texas:

Austin – Gary Johnson is not happy that some in the media call Republican vice presidential candidate and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan a libertarian.
“He voted for the Patriot Act, he voted for the National Defense Appropriation Act, he voted to ban online poker, he’s proposing a budget that gets balanced in thirty years. He is anything but a libertarian, anything but,” said Johnson after a packed campaign dinner at Hill’s Café.
Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee for president, noted that Ryan was a strict social conservative that voted to restrict abortion rights and against marriage equality.
“Paul Ryan submitted personhood legislation that is anything but libertarian,” he said. Johnson's eyes widened and his volume increased as he went into detail about Ryan’s support for a national version of Virginia’s controversial transvaginal ultrasound law.
Johnson suggested that all the talk of Ryan as a libertarian and follower of Ayn Rand may help him because people will see pretty quickly that former New Mexico governor is the only real libertarian running.
OK, let's authorities on who is a Libertarian and who is not.

On the one hand the founder of the probably still-non-existent "Libertarians for Romney"--Eric Dondero.

On the other hand, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential nominee.

I know where I'm going with this one.

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JFlee said...

Do you want Gary Johnson to be your president?