Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tame Libertarian finally found to trash Gary Johnson on behalf of Obama and Romney

Quick, a quiz:  which of these people do you most readily associate with Libertarian activism?

A.  Ron Paul
B.  Bob Barr
C.  John Stoessel
D.  Gary Johnson
E.  Andrew Napolitano
F.  Karl Denninger

If you answered A, C, D, or E you pass.  If you answered B you just like guys who like having whipped cream spread of exotic dancers' breasts.

If you answered F you really ought to get out more.

But Karl Denninger has now come out on behalf of Demopublicans everywhere to say that Gary Johnson will have no impact on the current presidential race not because of structural barriers to ballot access that require millions to be spent petitioning for signatures while the other guys are campaigning; not because of the rules that keep him out of the debates; not because polling companies won't cover him; not because of anything but the fact that he's a dud candidate.

Apparently we shouldn't have taken the most experienced candidate in the race who has an amazing story to tell, but instead we should have nominated somebody charismatic and in touch with America's pulse--like maybe Wayne Allyn Root.



JFlee said...

Is Gary Johnson like the other candidates?

Eric Dondero said...

Now, now Steve. Why the harshness towards Barr/Root.

Simple fact you cannot escape - that 2008 ticket got more votes than any other in the 40 year history of the LP save Clark/Koch in 1980.

Barr/Root would have been in the millions were it not for McCain picking libertarian darling Sarah Palin for VP.

But of course, that's not politically correct in libertarian circles, like the massive blackout in libertarian media of the fact that the Alaska Libertarian Party supported her candidacy for Governor in 2006.

Karl Denninger said...

The fact of the matter is that a man who claims to be for "sound money" and claims to be a "Libertarian" but has levered his own campaign 20:1 against his cash balance (go look it up on the FEC web site) is a hypocrite.

Now you may sell your vote and endorsement cheaply, but I do not. And my first test for political candidates is that they cannot endorse or promote Ponzi Schemes -- including in their own campaigns. Campaigns that are incorporated (and Johnson's is) and thus leave creditors no ability to personally attach the principals and then borrow vastly beyond their means are doing exactly that.