Monday, August 27, 2012

The only thing you need to know about Laura Stein's sophomoric piece on Libertarianism . . .

. . . (which argues that big government is both awful and oppressive but nonetheless absolutely necessary to civilization) is that her college Anthropology professor convinced her of the old canard that the Iroquois had something to do with the US Constitution.

She knows about as much about Libertarian concepts of governments and markets as she does about, uh, the evolution of government.  Which is to say:  not much about either.

But, again, the fact that so many ill-informed people are attacking Libertarian thought these days is indicative of how many people are starting to become nervous about Libertarian (big and small "L") voters.


Hube said...

OMG. Another PC dolt who believes the Founders were significantly influenced by the Iroquois Confederation? I'm surprised the Pilgrims haven't been yet transformed into devil-worshiping vampires in our textbooks.

delacrat said...

What an anthropology professor said about the similarities between Iroquois confederation and the Constitution 200 years ago says nothing about what Ms. Stein has to say about Libertarianism today.

For example:

"Saying that free markets can only exist by eliminating "regulations" is akin to saying that we can only have leprechauns if Ireland removes all the fences and hedges in the Irish countryside. No removal of restrictions will enable the existence of leprechauns, and the "free market" is just as much an imaginary entity as they are."

Do the Constitution and/or Iroquois confederation disprove Ms. Stein's contention that "free markets" are as imaginary as leprechauns?