Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just for Anonone . . . Nobody (not just Libertarians) cares what party platforms say any more

Maybe they should, but they don't, and I don't, and now I have it on good authority that I don't have to care when you drop by to start direly quoting things . . .


anonone said...


1) Whatever Jeff Greenfield writes is the final and unequivocal truth for you.

2) Libertarianism has no fundamental principles - it is whatever any Libertarian or anybody else says it is. So Eric Dondaro's Libertarianism is equally as valid as Steve Newton's Libertarianism which is equally as Anonone's Libetarianism. In other words, Libertarianism is a meaningless label.

3) In spite of Jeff Greenfield's declaration, the Republican Party platform in regards to abortion does, in fact, represent the views of most republican representatives, including Paul Ryan.

4) I understand why you hate me quoting the Libertarian Platform because it does espouse a heartless, cruel, and socially backward government that places property rights solely and squarely above all else, including human life and dignity.

5) Anyone who is running as a Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, or whatever, deserves to have their party platform hung around their neck. They can choose to be proud of it or ashamed of it. It is not surprising that you're ashamed of your party platform. Unfortunately, there are many Libertarians who are not.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I thought libertarianism was the MOST fundamentally sound theory of government.

You are free to do whatever you want so long as you don't interfere with the same right in another.

To secure this right, we should restrict government to a specific few areas of action. Defense, Judicial Equity, Police and maintenance of a minimal social safety net (food, shelter, medical care, education).

There you have the anonymous political platform. Note the use of the small l.

Anonymous said...

Oops, you said Libertarianism has no fundamental principles. So I should have written " I thought libertarianism was the MOST principled theory of governance." Most governance does not come from the government.

anonone said...

Their is no "minimal" safety net or public education or food or shelter provided by the government under libertarianism as put forth by the national party platform. And the Libertarian Party of Delaware believes that taxing somebody to pay for social welfare is equivalent to robbing somebody at gun point.

So you can make up anything that you want about Libertarianism to try to hide what it actually stands for, but the truth is written for all to see.

Steven H. Newton said...

Anyone who is running as a Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, or whatever, deserves to have their party platform hung around their neck.

Unfortunately, anyone running for ANY office in the US today has to have one of these platforms hung around their necks because the Dems and GOPers have made it virtually impossible for anyone to run as an independent even if they are wealthy.

So I should choose between warmonging, anti-civil-rights Democrats (who promise wonderful tea and crumpets but don't actually DO anything); warmongering, anti-civil-rights, anti-abortion rights, anti-gay rights GOPers whose major believable promise is that they will gut the social safety net, or I could run with the only party that is against interventionist war, for civil liberties, for marriage equality, and weak on civil rights and the social safety net.

Frankly, I will take the Libertarian view and disavow the parts I don't like, just as EVERY F--KING GOPer or Dem ignores the parts of theirs they don't like.

Because the only other game in town is to be a high-minded anonymous commenter who damns everything and is unwilling to stick his/her neck into the fray to change anything.

tom said...

i might actually agree w/ Steak Sauce for once. I'd love to to see candidates "have their party platforms hung around their neck", if only because the D's & R's would collapse under the weight.

The RNC & DNC platforms blather on for hundreds of pages. Ours, like it or not, is sufficiently short and to the point that people actually read it

delacrat said...


"Nobody cares what party platforms say anymore" is a pretty sweeping statement. While candidates and incumbents certainly don't care, it's hard to say whether the rest of us don't or do care. Though one can speculate that the decreasing voter participation indicates that the electorate suspects that their politicians basically say things they don't believe to get elected.

Personally, I care. Which is why I'm voting Green, not D, R or L, because of these parties rhetorical(e.g. platforms) and/or implemented attacks on Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

If the Libertarian Party does not believe what it says, anymore than the D & R party, why should the voters?

anonone said...

Go Green Party, Steve. They are against interventionist war, for civil liberties, for marriage equality, and strong on civil rights and the social safety net.

Oh, and they believe in strengthening public education, not weakening it.

tom said...

I just reread the 2012 National Libertarian Platform, and there is not a single plank that i disagree with or want to disavow.

anonone said...

Apparently, Jeff Greenfield is wrong, and so is Steve Newton in thinking that party platforms don't matter:

"More Americans express interest in learning about what’s in the GOP platform than in the speeches by either Mitt Romney or his running mate. About half of the public (52%) is interested in learning about the Republican Party’s platform, while 44% are interested in Romney’s acceptance speech and about the same percentage (46%) in Ryan’s convention speech."

So, that pretty much settles the argument whether or not the callous Libertarian party platform is of interest to voters.

tom said...

Perhaps Jeff Greenfield's article simply did not take into account how little anyone cares what Romney and Ryan have to say about their pre-ordained "victory".

Tomorrow, when the RNC Convention is no longer news everyone will go back to not paying attention to the GOP Platform.

anonone said...

No, the D's will be using the R's platform against them, and trying to make R&R defend it.

Ryan will have an easier time of it than Romney because he is a true believer.

Anyway, if I were running against a Libertarian, I would make them defend their national platform simply because then people would see how heartless and backward it is and they are.