Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You may actually be conscious after all

I know most of you probably weren't worried, but just for kavips:

It appears that Benjamin Libet may have been wrong.

Nonetheless, Mind Time remains an interesting read by a man who would not shrink from the implications of what he thought he observed.

And (again, just for kavips) even though he was wrong about the experiment, he still might have been right about the big picture after all.  Jury still out on that one.


kavips said...

Rats... foiled by 350 milleseconds... which is how lon

Dana Garrett said...

And so all this demonstrates is that our capacity to measure antecedent brain activity is still too unsophisticated for charting a neural net that has more intrarelations than our galaxy. The idea of "free will" as uncaused decision still remains an absurdity.