Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cape Gazette: UD/Delaware First Media exclude Libertarians, others, from major debate

From the Cape Gazette today:

Libertarians say UD debates exclude third parties
October debates sponsored by the University of Delaware and Delaware First Media are a major opportunity for candidates for statewide office to let the public know where they stand on certain issues.
But Libertarians say the media event excludes third party candidates.
UD Distinguished Journalist in Residence Ralph Begleiter and Delaware First Media President Michelle Boudreau recently informed ballot-qualified candidates of inclusion criteria for the debate. Begleiter and Boudreau say the qualifications insure participants are serious and have significant public support.
In an Aug. 5 press release, Scott Gesty, Libertarian candidate for Congress said, “To be invited, I’d have to raise $125,500 from 2,511 different donors, have already received 40,000 votes in a previous election or pay thousands for a poll proving at least 10 percent of Delaware voters already support me.”
New Castle County Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Delaware Steve Newton said, “These restrictions will keep other important candidates out of the debate.”
Newton asked, “Why have UD and Delaware First Media determined to exclude citizen candidates while providing another forum for career politicians like Tom Carper and John Carney?”

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Anonymous said...

“I think it’s a huge, huge moment for the state of Delaware,” Boudreau said.

Her major selling point of public radio is that it’ll educate Delawareans about their communities, government and the “history of this shared place.” she said.

Guess not so much huh? http://www.doverpost.com/entertainment/arts/x1783279776/WDDE-FM-91-1-Dover-to-hit-airwaves-this-summer?zc_p=0