Friday, February 15, 2008

At Ithaca College you can lose your job for smoking dope, but not for rape....

The reason you need to keep Cara's The Curvature on your "must read" list is that you simply won't find this material anywhere else, and nobody is willing to take the same unflinching look at it that she does.

This one you have to read for yourself, so I'm not going to excerpt it.

But here's a teaser:

At Ithaca College a Resident Assistant admits to raping a female student and is not fired.

When questioned, the appropriate bureaucrat explains, first, that this is a personnel issue, so the details can't be discussed. But as a general rule, the office looks at the offense, what the student employee has learned in the situation, and what would be the appropriate decision. For example, had the RA been dealing drugs, he would have been fired immediately....

For rape, not so much.

Oh, and by the way, it is Ithaca College policy that if a rape is reported and the woman can identify her assailant, no warning is issued to anybody else.

You just have to read this one to believe it.

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