Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Waldo on the Presidential Campaign: nobody else has said it better

After a brief hiatus for a cross-country move, Waldo Lydecker's Journal is back in action--thank God.

Today, in Onward, Marching Zombies, Waldo dissects the problem now faced by the Clinton campaign with what one might call acidic malicious glee.

An excerpt:

Down the road, The Clintons face an interesting challenge. They have, as one TV commentator put it this evening, three weeks to make competence interesting. It's hard to see how The Clintons can win the kind of Obama-sized margins they need with themes like ready on day one; 35 years experience (all those years as a first lady in Arkansas and Washington, the valuable experience of serving on the Wal-Mart board, denying its employees decent health care); the co-presidency, hidden from view by the fickle archival decisions of Bubba; the seven largely inconsequential years in the Senate.

But go read the whole thing for yourself; you deserve a treat.

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