Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you, Dana Garrett

Today Dana thanked the teachers at Ann P. Mote Elementary School and publicly came out in support of the upcoming Red Clay Consolidate School District referendum.

One of the things I actually like about school financing is that the districts have to ask the voters for each tax increase.

When a district has had financial problems, like Red Clay, this becomes a dicey proposition.

For personal and professional reasons I cannot write here in detail about the reasons why I support this tax increase.

Fortunately, Dana Garrett has done it for me.

Now, tomorrow (or at least by Friday) he will be back to being a Social Democrat who wants to take all my hard-earned money for crackpot social engineering, and I will be back to being a heartless Libertarian who thinks that his property rights are the excuse to starve poor children while denying them medical treatment.

Today, however, we're on exactly the same sheet of music.

Thanks, Dana.

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Dana Garrett & Stephen Crockett said...

LOL. At least we enjoyed one day in the same oasis.