Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now that Obama's putting her away ...

... his campaign is going to be put under a microscope.

And that's good. A lot of people object to the ongoing proctology examination that is an American presidential campaign, but I'm not one of them. Moreover, I don't think the current deification of Barack Obama--necessary as it may have been as a political expedient to knock off the Clintons--is going to continue.

He can't possibly sustain it during the long haul, and he shouldn't be able do so.

That's because we're not electing an icon, we're electing a politician, hopefully in the best sense of the word.

So instead of defending him (and her), it's important to sit back and consider, what about the argument presented by The Anchoress that Michelle Obama is just Hillary Redux?

Several interesting points, not the least of which is not to forget that--like Bill and Hillary in the 1990s--Barack and Michelle are a power couple that intends to do whatever is necessary to win.

That's not (necessarily) a knock: it's the game he's chosen to play.

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