Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Return of an Iraqi Girl--sort of

About a month ago I stumbled across HNK's Blog, the Net Diary of a young Iraqi girl going to college to become a pharmacist. The last post--written a few days before I covered the story--was downhearted. HNK had discovered that her youthful dreams of equal treatment at college were unrealistic, and that many people still wanted to put her back in the box of proper Islamic female behavior.

Now, after a silence of four weeks, HNK is back, with a brief but disturbing post:

Breathless, hopeless, and fatigue
That's what I am now..

I am between the devil and the deep blew see
and between them

I am wishing I am never be...

Wars are about people as well as policies. Stop by HNK's Blog and send her some good thoughts.

It's obvious that she needs them

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