Monday, February 18, 2008

In Solidarity with Kurt Westergaard and Defiance to Islamic extremism

So three brave Islamists conspired to murder Kurt Westergaard, the Danish artist who drew the controversial Mohammed cartoon?

And the Saudi Arabian Muslim World League has condemned the Danish press for reprinting the cartoon in response?

From the Archbishop of Canterbury we have calls for sharia law to become part of the West's reality.

There are really only two appropriate responses.

One in solidarity with those who stand for freedom of speech:

The second is offered so that the reactionaries of the Muslim world understand exactly what we think of them:

If you'd like an intellectual rationalization of precisely why this is the appropriate strategy to deal with terrorists, go find a copy of Dean Ing's Soft Targets, where you can also read one of the earliest descriptions of water boarding in American fiction (ironically, it's the terrorist who water boards an American--oh well).


Anonymous said...

Good thinking! Suppressing the Freedom of the Press will be Suppressing Humanity!

MegaRun said...

suck my balls, you son of a bitch. <- if you think i'am insulting you. then you are wrong, it's just freedom of expression.

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