Monday, February 25, 2008

Instead of worrying about teachers ... let's worry about General Wesley Clark ... and Obama's turban

You want to find some serious, and scary Obama-bashing by a major public figure?

Go try out the web site of one of Hillary Clinton's major supporters, General Wesley Clark.

It's called, innocently enough, the Clark Community Network, and it all seems to be about supporting Hillary strongly enough to rehabilitate Wes Clark (famous in Kossovo as the man who almost started World War 3 before Bubba and the Joint Chiefs had to relieve him for "character issues") sufficiently for him to become--I don't know--Secretary of State or Defense.

Just visit and browse for awhile.

If you're known for the company you keep, this ought to be enough to scare you away from the candidate my friend Waldo loves to call the She-Clinton.

By the way, read Waldo carefully: while the rabid readers of the daily kos and other similarly credible blogs are trashing a single Delaware elementary teacher who might have said negative and erroneous things about Obama and Islam, it's the Clinton campaign in Texas that's passing out photos of Obama wearing a turban on a visit to Africa.

Yeah, we need to keep after those dangerous teachers.

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