Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ron Paul and the Shirtless Mexican

Strangely enough, the three topics upon which I have consistently received the most comment and most views have been circumcision (boy, I'll never do that again), the Tata Nano, and Ron Paul.

I probably shouldn't be surprised on a Libertarian blog that Ron Paul draws a lot of attention.

(Today I got my solicitation from the Libertarian Party to send money to help Ron Paul try for the Libertarian nomination; this both annoys and amuses me. After all, the party is supposedly in the midst of its bizarre Liberty Decides competition that amounts to little more than a popularity auction, and now it starts soliciting money to have Ron Paul intervene. What gives?)

I haven't endorsed Paul, and I've been significantly less positive about his candidacy than others in Delaware, partly because I've known about the newsletter issue, and partly because I don't agree with his views on gay rights. But I think he has been a phenomenal force for bringing out Libertarians and the message of smaller government into the mainstream.

That's why I find it so unnerving that he keeps soliciting me for money, even for his congressional race, and why his newest campaign ad is so disappointing.

As we learn from Where Hip-Hop and Libertarianism Meet:

Ron Paul has recently engaged in race-baiting by sending out a mailer in Texas featuring a tattooed shirtless Hispanic with the line that we need to stop sending Social Security to illegal aliens.

Sorry, guys. This is where I part company with Dr. No.


Brian Shields said...

Oh crap... a quick Google shows he's the sponsor of the bill, introduced three times total.

OK. I'm with you now. Maybe he does belong in the Republican Party.

www.cuenca-3d.com said...

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