Monday, February 4, 2008

Some thoughts on Super Tuesday Eve

The jamming together of all the primaries and caucuses into a month-long period has created a media frenzy that has the virtue of unpredictability and the vice of trivializing real issues.

I'm coming around to the position that we need to move toward either a national primary or a series of regional primaries, even though I worry that this will forever eliminate the possibility of a viable national third party.

On the other hand, I love seeing the mainstream media having to admit--as James Carville did on CNN while I was waiting with my wife in the doctor's office (so I don't have a URL for it)--that nobody really knows what's going to happen.

I snicker at Huckabee bristling over the repeated "God questions" being asked of a candidate who pandered to the Christian right at every step of his campaign.

I'm still trying to decide if Ron Paul is or is not a clueless racist (or just clueless, or just racist), but it doesn't matter. The prevailing script was to trivialize him, and if it had not been the newsletters there would have been something else.

At first I thought John Edwards dropped out too early to benefit Obama, but then I reconsidered; his instincts were good, and he probably timed it just right.

My heart thrills at the thought of a joint Ann Coulter-Hillary Clinton campaign appearance.

I still think Hillary will out-organize Obama at the very end, and seize the nomination. Thereafter, even if Obama accepts the VP nod, I don't think more than a fraction of the people he's energized will still be there in November, which brings me to my least favorite prediction:

In a McCain-Clinton campaign everybody loses, because both are insider politicians who will actually change little or nothing.

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