Saturday, February 9, 2008

Barack Obama and the Constitution: one Libertarian's view

I'm traveling back home from New Mexico today, so posts will be in short supply.

To tide you over, here's an as-usual incisive piece from Becky, the Girl in Short Shorts, on Barack Obama's constitutional views.

As is her wont, Becky actually does solid research, thinks about her topic, and only then lets fly. The result is a well-considered consideration of how Obama got his constitutional interpretations from Laurence Tribe, what Barack actually taught in the classroom, and how this might all affect us in a Barack Obama presidency.

Take the ten minutes to read it, and ask yourself, "Why doesn't the mainstream media take the time to do this much research?"

But then, don't. Because right, left, or center, everyone who's looking for answers in the blogosphere already knows the answer to that.

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