Friday, February 22, 2008

If Barack's going to win, he's got to get it right....

... and beating Hillary is NOT the same as beating McCain.

Especially on foreign policy and defense issues.

Last night's debate was a win for Obama, but only because he didn't lose.

Even so, his performance on defense issues was execrable, especially his mangled anecdote about the Captain in Afghanistan:

Here's the take from Gateway Pundit via Fausta's Blog:

"They were actually capturing tally-ban weapons because it was easier getting Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current Commander in Chief."

Okay, Gateway, hubby e-mailed me pretty upset over the Obama transcript. He said this:

1. CPT's command companies, not platoons.
2. Platoons are not divided up to go to 2 different theaters, EVER.
3. There is no ammo shortage in OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan). Many platoons are deployed to remote sites in the mountains and require aerial resupply. Those resupply missions are dependent on favorable weather conditions.
4. Taliban weapons are usually not very good and we would not use them without a very high level of command approval.
5. The CDR in Chief is so high above the platoon level that comment doesn't even deserve a response.

Barack is in fact fortunate that Hillary is just as big an idiot on real defense/military issues as he is. Being right about the "strategic blunder" of invading Iraq is not the same thing as being able to talk the real talk about military policy.

If you think that John McCain's "100 years" comment is going to hurt him, think again. If this is the best Barack can do about being commander-in-chief, he's toast.

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