Friday, February 29, 2008

Now they're coming for fido and kitty ...

... and they're bringing the scissors.

I've always considered Bob Barr something of a loose cannon, but this time he's got me:

Los Angeles, California, the city that has contributed mightily to American culture, including the O.J. Simpson murders and circus trial, Britney Spears’ crazy escapades, the Rodney King riots, and so much more, is now forcing pet owners to have their pets sterilized, whether they want to or not, under threat of criminal sanctions (Click here for the story). Even if a pet owner has paid thousands for a pure bred cat or dog and does not wish to have the animal neutered, the recently enacted law requires them to do so. Only a limited category of pets are excluded from the Draconian ordinance, including law enforcement dogs, pets belonging to professional breeders, those that have competed in sporting shows or competitions, and seeing eye guide dogs. Similar legislation is pending at the state level in California, and undoubtedly if the legislation finds its way to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s desk, the Big Government Governor will sign it.

But wait, it may get even worse. Already some busybodies, concerned over how to enforce the intrusive ordinance, are calling for mandatory implantation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Chips in pets in order to facilitate tracking down pet-owner scofflaws who might try to resist or violate the ordinance. (Of course, if such procedure results in harm or death to your pet the city will assume no responsibility.)

When the government comes to check on whether or not I've had my own pets neutered, that's when some official will discover whether or not I own a firearm.

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tom said...

Oh, they won't bother to ask you. It's so much easier to get the information from the pet stores, vets, animal rescue groups, neighbors, anonymous tips to 1-800-FIX-PETS, etc. Then they can just send you the ticket or court summons in the mail. Much safer that way. You might sic your dangerous unlicensed attack gerbils on them if they came in person.