Friday, February 15, 2008

When you read this, remember that 100 Pounds equals $200

Nanny Knows Best makes me laugh as often as it outrages me with its chronicle of Statist intrusion into everyday life in Great Britain, and I really do have to resist the urge to link to virtually every story posted there.

But three days ago in my deed-restricted community one of our neighbors ran out into the street screaming at my wife that she was not allowed to put out a sign supporting the upcoming Red Clay referendum. [I think this was the same one who finked on me for leaving an empty trash can out in front of my garage door one night.]

So maybe you'll understand why this one resonates with me.

Nanny has found another nice way to screw us for money, that's nice!

Nanny has instructed local councils to fine householders for putting out a single bag of rubbish at the wrong time.

Nanny has produced an "enforcement manual" (pass the sick bag someone), which will be distributed to local councils. The manual instructs local councils to implement a "zero tolerance" policy on waste collection.

On-the-spot penalties of around £100 must be levied on those who leave their rubbish out early, or fail to close the lid of their wheelie bin properly.

Oh yes, this is going to go down so well!

So far, Nanny has fined 44,000 people £100 for "crimes" such as leaving their rubbish out on the wrong day or putting out black bags next to their wheelie bins.

The thoughtful State has even provided a manual of proper conduct for bin inspectors:

The document tells bin enforcers to be alert for the signs a person is getting angry.

According to the Environment Department, these include "changes in breathing patterns, the throbbing vein in the temple, the opening and closing of their fist, increased tension in the face or body".

The document advises staff:

"Let them know that this behaviour is not acceptable, e.g. 'I am not prepared to carry on this interview whilst you are calling me a w***er and a jobsworth. Are you prepared to stop doing this/I am requesting that you stop this behaviour'."

It adds:

"You will probably meet plenty of barrack room lawyers when you are going about your duties.

As a matter of course, you will technically be interfering with an individual's freedom, but this is not the same as infringing their human rights.

After a confrontation, staff are told that it is "important to offload what has happened".

"You can do this by screaming and shouting (in a safe place)."

I tend to do a lot of screaming and shouting these days. But there also seem to be a lot fewer safe places.

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Tyler Nixon said...

Steve, you need not go to Great Britain to find "Nanny" :

The money quote :

"Changing behaviors is the main thing we do, actually,” Mayor James Baker said. “It’s not fun, or popular, but that’s what we do.”

The worst pigs in Wilmington aren't the ones leaving trash around.