Wednesday, July 16, 2008

According to On The Issues, Allen Buckley is a Moderate, Barack and Hillary are twins, and both McCain and Barr are conservatives (who knew?)

I reported a few weeks back that Allen Buckley, the Libertarian candidate for the Georgia Senate, had broken through at On the Issues with his own page of quotations (a first for a Libertarian candidate in a State race, I believe).

Now the VoteMatch section of On the Issues has placed Buckley as a "Centrist"--in the Moderate range just shy of Libertarian--on the Nolan Chart.

If you read their scoring, and you're familiar with Buckley's positions on the issues I think you'll agree with me that he should move up a couple squares into the Libertarian corner of the diamond, but then, let's look at good ole boy Saxby Chambliss' score...

I suppose the big surprise would be Bob Barr's rating, now that they've finally gotten him on the site. Of course, the problem is, which Bob Barr do you use for the scoring? If you read the positions scored by On the Issues, about half of them are old Barr positions before he saw the light and drank the kool-aid, while the other half are attributable to Barr since the LP convention. That's the problem:

Poke around in the site a little bit, and you will find (among other things) that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton received exactly the same score, and that John McCain actually comes out almost as conservative as Saxby Chambliss...

All good fun, right?

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