Friday, July 11, 2008

NC Libertarian Senate candidate Chris Cole slams excessive fund-raising by his opponents

As Demopublicans Elizabeth Dole and Kay Hagan square off in the Senate race in North Carolina, it is intriguing to see that the Tarheel State's media coverage of the election season continues to refuse to allow Libertarians to be ignored.

Today it was the Greensboro News-Record that offered the opportunity to Libertarian Chris Cole to comment on the latest accusations and counter-accusations between the Dole and Hagan camps regarding who had raised more money:

Chris Cole , the Libertarian in the race, said he would not be trying to do the kind of fundraising that Dole and Hagan are pursuing.

Although he doesn't think donors should be restricted , Cole said Congress' ventures into unnecessary regulations, "corporate welfare" and land management have prompted the big donations.

"If Congress was sticking to the constitution, there wouldn't be all this need for influence by (interest groups)," he said.

North Carolina is going to be an interesting case study in what the Libertarian Party can achieve with reasonable press coverage. Bob Barr (like him or not) continues to run at 5-7%, Mike Munger at 4-6%, and now Chris Cole has started to appear at 1% in the few polls conducted since he announced his candidacy.

I've said it before: this is going to be one interesting year, and the McCain-Obama show is not the only one in town.

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