Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keeping Rachel Hoffman's memory alive ... because it matters

I blogged about Rachel's story back in May, recounting the shameful story of how Tallahassee police blackmailed a college student caught for marijuana possession into serving as a confidential informant, and then let her get killed through negligence and apathy.

Over at Delaware Curmudgeon, Shirley has the update, provided courtesy of RC at Big Bend Bikers for Freedom.

RC is now leading a full-court press to force the Tallahassee Chief of Police to resign over the incident. His coverage is awesome.
Read it; and send a message.

Becky, the Girl in Short Shorts, also places Rachel on the continuum of other American citizens who have gotten killed due to police involvement in the drug war. Her final dry comment is pointed:

But Gee Whiz, you have to expect a little collateral damage now and then.

After all, there is a drug war going on, and it's worth it to rid the nation of the scourge of marijuana.

ABC's 20/20 has even done a piece on Rachel.

[And I can't forget that I first picked up her story from Drug War Rant.]

I have one question: when are YOU [yeah, you, reading this] going to decide finally that getting some American citizens killed and ruining the lives of countless others with prison is NOT an acceptable price to pay for ridding the nation of the scourge of Reefer Madness.

When the hell are YOU going to demand candidates who will take a stand against it?

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aka rc said...

The "YOU" you are referring to is "US". All of us, "We the People" and we can create change when we get off our asses and demand it. We recently did it in the Tallahassee area relating to a different subject (that also involved Chief Jones) and "WE" will do it again.

Our second post stating the Chief must step down and addresses you can write to that can apply the pressure can be found here.

He has no direct e-mail. It all goes through "public relations."

Bringing down one tyrant will open the eyes of others.

A long read but for the real reasons for the "Drug Wars"

Thanks to the Professor and all who are keeping this outrage up front