Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tyler, forgive me, it's just too good to pass up....

Tyler and Shirley are both Ron Paul advocates.

Waldo isn't.

And frankly, I couldn't resist this one, because Waldo in full rant is the reason you should read him every day:

Dr. Ron's Paulines are now planning a three-day extravaganza outside the gates of the Republican Convention. Good Republican that he is, Dr. "I hire all my kids but don't give my fundraiser health insurance" Ron will show up for a book signing, at which he will divest the suckers of their money in between their sessions on kum-bah-yaing, organizing for taking over the party by 2040, Star Trek, building solar-powered girl sex robots, and debating the merits of the 100% Ron Paul community in East Bumfuck Gulch, TX now or the Ebay founder's cities on spikes in the ocean later with each resident getting 350 square feet of independence apiece.

It's sad, really. All those people who don't realize that the airy way Paul say he has no idea what people are doing in his behalf can be interpreted as "they're a bunch of nitwits who'll buy my book no matter what" just as easily as it can be seen as some sort of cosmic call for the doctor to abandon his plow and come forward at the urging of 1.2% of the nation. Face it: you're organizing movement around a man who care so little about you he won't give up his seniority in Congress to come join you.

Somewhere, Patrick J. Buchanan is laughing his ass off.


a most peculiar nature said...

Just to keep the record straight, solar-powered BOY sex robots are also part of the master plan.

This was at my insistence.

Tyler Nixon said...

I've never been one to indulge fiction, much less fantasy...

John Elliott said...

Steve, your site is definately worth reading daily, but I won't bother with this Waldo again.

What's really sad is that a libertarian would be so critical of a very effective libertarian politician. Just who should we "organize movement" around?

Steven H. Newton said...

Just so you know, Waldo is not and doesn't claim to be a Libertarian.

And among those who share profound misgivings about many of Ron Paul's positions, you should also count me.

Waldo Lydecker's Journal said...

Mr. Elliott: I apologize for several typos- now corrected- in my comment. Shoulda been "a movement."

I'd organize one around someone who's a real Libertarian. Ron Paul and Babar are situational Libertarians. You can't build a party on the backs of people who blow in for an election and are then gone.

BTW: you and Tyler sound like high school hall monitors. Get a grip.

Tyler Nixon said...

mmmmk, Waldo.

John Elliott said...


Waldo seems very concerned about Ron Paul's party affiliation for someone that's not a party member.

And I have my doubts about some of Paul's social conservative views also.

John Elliott said...


Obviously "a movement" - I just didn't get it for some reason, I apologize for nitpicking.

Do you have a specific person in mind that would be a more effective libertarian than Ron Paul? An 10 term U.S. Congressman that openly calls for the legalization of drugs and abolishing the income tax seems like a good choice to me.

Would Ron and his supporters cease to be kooks in your mind if they all joined the LP?

Steven H. Newton said...

Waldo is an old friend of thirty years duration who is an acute and opinionated observer of all things political and culture.

He is deeply interested (as am I) in issues surrounding gay rights in America, and has severe misgivings about any politician of any stripe who seems to advocate either my commission or omission that American citizens of different sexual orientations should somehow be second-class citizens.

In this I agree with him completely.

Our primary difference is that I am committed to building a functional but principled Libertarian political party. He doesn't have that particular baggage.

Some days I wish I didn't.