Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm thinking about this one in technical terms: the new Bob Barr video

Remembering that I'm not supporting Bob Barr, I'm still obviously interested in how he's presenting the Libertarian Party, and in how well his campaign is doing.

So before you watch it, my initial reactions:

1) It's too long, although it certainly could be mined for shorter segments.

2) I think any number of people will be outraged at the use of Martin Luther King, especially juxtaposed with Ronald Reagan. I think it comes across as forced.

3) The overt appeal to Ron Paul supporters is a bit ham-handed, but we'll see how it plays.

4) Nobody outside the Libertarian movement and its most strident critics actually knows who Ayn Rand was, so it's a good play to the radicals, but they're not listening.

5) Ironically, the best sections of the ad occur when Bob Barr talks about the Obama and McCain. There's the nugget of a very good 30 or 60 second piece in here.

So what do you think?


Waldo Lydecker's Journal said...

Babar is the new pander bear: a little for the Reaganauts. A little for the Old School Libertarians. A little for the Stromocrats. A little for everyone, to prove his bona fides.

When I can be convinced that 'Bob Barr' and 'Martin Luther King' belong in the same thought, then pigs will surely fly.

A con job is a con job no matter how much bunting you wrap it up in.

Brian Shields said...

The comparison to Kennedy, Reagan, King, etc, seems a bit conceited. Overall, on it's merits, it's a heart warming introduction to Barr, and it might spur interest with those who don't know any better. that's his goal anyway, to gather more sleep into the flock.

Anonymous said...

Waaaay too much Republican stuff.

Nowhere near enough Libertarian stuff.