Monday, July 14, 2008

Update: LNCC actually funded two state candidates, sort of, probably

(Sorry for the absence of links in this post; we're at the beach and I'm using a public computer; besides the links George mentions below are difficult to work anyway.)

After reading my post on the dismal performance of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee, former LP Presidential cnndidate George Phillies did a little more digging. I utilized the FEC summary reports, which showed the $5,000 actually distributed in 2006 as going to Other disbursements rather than Libertarian candidates.

George went back to the original scans of the reports, and tells me that the $5,000 apparently did go to two Libertarian candidates--Hardy Marcia in Vermont and one other whose name he could not find.

So I stand corrected on that detail.

Notwithstanding that, an LNCC that consumes one-third of its contributions in overhead (and what, pray tell, do they have overhead for?) while disbursing less than 25% of the monies collected for candidates--and not even having a candidates' list on the apparently defunct websit--is hardly either (a) an asset or (b) something that anyone in his or her right mind would donate to.

There; Record corrected and still bad.

Update to update: be sure to read the comments and note the relationship of Hardy Marcia to the semi-mysterious M. Carling--apparent mastermind of the LNCC.

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Arthur Torrey said...

Worth pointing out since you didn't, that Hardy is / was, in addition to whatever he was doing in VT, also active on the LNC as an alternate regional rep for the New England region - and is a known associate / partner in corruption of Dan Karlan and M. Carling...

Not saying there was any wrongdoing, but it's one of those things that makes me go "Hmmmm...." (Amazing how often the LNC makes me do that...)