Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the tank...

The "mainstream" (more like foaming rapids of bullshit) media has truly outdone itself over the last year, acting as a gushing flunky for the blank slate messiah (formerly of liberal persuasion). I am glad that McCain's campaign is pointing this out head-on.

If I were Obama I would be quite a bit leary of the obsessive white geekboy cult love for him amongst the blow-dried denizens of once-at-least-marginally credible "major" networks and "news" sources. They have a long history of backing losers and frauds, only to turn on them later.

Honestly, when was the last time Chris Matthews was right about anything?? His cheerleading for Obama reminds of his gushing for George W. not a few years ago. I thought Matthews was a finger-in-the-wind
blustering ass, back then, and since then his asshattery has only multiplied in droves for Chicago O.

The Joe and Jane Q. voting public has a long history of hoisting the MSM liberal-bots on their pretentious petards, come November. We'll see if the same media that gave us "W"(ar) will prove successful in their most blatant intensive sales onslaught in history for the most slick, sloganeering, calculated, fabricated-from-whole-cloth pseudo-lefty cum DLC candidate we may ever see.

Many of us remember that these same people shoving Obama down our throats were the very same war cheerleaders and willing shills that Bush-Cheney-Rove played like chumps for years.

Personally I think their judgment sucks the high one and their ecstasies over Obama only prove it once again...and again...and again...ad violent nauseam. Matthews et al are not even worthy of the phrase "media whores". I think just plain "Ho's for O" is more like it.

Victor David Hanson at the National Review has an interesting look at what is becoming Barack W. Bush.

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Dominique said...

I heart Tyler Nixon. =)