Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Libertarians in Kentucky forget how to breathe?

As Lee at A Secondhand Conjecture said in a post I quoted earlier, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky's 9-0 Executive Committee decision to dump genocidal, race-baiting Sonny Landham as their Senatorial candidate was good, but hardly outstanding:

Given the psychopathic nature of Landham’s views, I feel a little like I’m congratulating them for breathing.

Obviously, a few breathing lessons are in order, as Paulie Cannoli reports for Last Free Voice:

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky will reconsider its endorsement of Senate candidate Sonny Landham Wednesday evening, just days after initially disassociating their party from his bid. This news comes after the office of Kentucky’s secretary of state announced yesterday that Landham would need 5,000 new petition signatures to secure ballot access to run as an independent.

“We’re really stuck,” said Libertarian Party chair Ken Moellman. “We don’t necessarily want to kick him off the ballot.”

Granted, ballot access rules for third parties in Kentucky are grossly unfair--so what? They are everywhere.

Here's the situation made real simple for the 12 members of the LP Executive Committee in the Bluegrass State:

You screwed up by letting a real nutball on the ticket in the first place. The man is Lyndon Larouche mixed with David Duke.

The damage that one Sonny Landham can do will undo all the advances made by serious, thoughtful LP candidates in North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Texas, Michigan.... The list goes on.

It's time to take one for the team.


Anonymous said...


I got an email on Monday asking if I "Share the same views as the guy in Kentucky"

Having to convince people that I'm not a racist is not a productive way for me to spend my time campaigning.

What the LPKY needs to realize is, this is making things tough on the rest of us.

When the LP National basically went after Mary Ruwart, they didn't hold anything back and in my books, smeared her a bit in the process. Why are they taking a more laid back approach with a racist nut-job?

Eric Dondero said...

If the LP kicks Sonny off the ballot they will be risking severe ramifications for the Party for years to come.

Most signers for the LP petition "signed for Sonny." Kentuckians LOVE their Native American Hollywood Actor native son. The guy is enormously popular.

If the LP dumps him, Kentuckians will be real upset with the LP, and justifiably so.

Not too mention Sonny himself and all his supporters.

Imagine how his supporters feel, the guys who collected signatures just for Sonny at parades and festivals, to now find out that he won't be on the ballot.

And why should Sonny be punished for being a Rightwing Libertarian? This is a Leftwing Libertarian witch hunt at its worst. You say something a little politically incorrect, or something that doesn't jive with the Leftist line, and you get savagely attacked, called a racist and all sorts of other bad names.


Eric Dondero said...

Who are the racists here?

It's the Leftwingers who support affirmative action who are the racists.

HELLO! Sonny Landham is a NATIVE AMERICAN!! You can't get any more "minority" than that.

So what he doesn't want any Arabs coming to America and killing Americans as they did on 9/11 and have attempted to do numerous times since.

How is that racist?

Steven H. Newton said...

Eric, do you even read what you're writing?

Sonny as a racist is arguable.

Sonny as a genocidal maniac in terms of foreign relations is not.

The LPKY blew it; they should never have associated with Sonny in the first place; so now they get to take the hit.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say Eric, I've never seen any libertarian in support of affirmative action.

What planet are you living on these days?

Sonny is a racist. Kentucky may be full of them, I don't know, but the majority of the voting public are not. So, Sonny running as a racist libertarian....bad for Kentucky, Bad for Bob Barr, Bad for candidates across the country, Bad for the Libertarian Party as a whole.

Anonymous said...

If the LP kicks Sonny off the ballot they will be risking severe ramifications for the Party for years to come.

That finishes it. "Dondero" Rittberg thinks that keeping Landham on the ballot is a good thing.

I cannot think of a better indicator that Landham needs to go, right now, today, "consequences" be damned.