Monday, July 14, 2008

Scandal in the First State! Delawareliberal engaged in sexist contest!

Realizing that I am not by any means a Democrat, I support the idea of gathering funds for Tom Noyes to attend the Dem National Convention, if only out of state pride.

But I am appalled, I tell you, truly appalled, at the sexist miscogynist Delaware's Hottest Blogger contest being conducted without any shame whatsoever over at Delawareliberal, in which dv, jason, and liberalgeek are doing the equivalent of crotch-grabbing for twenties to be stuffed in their undershorts.

[Incidentally, I understand that there is plenty of room in said shorts, there being nothing else much in residence. Slimy liberals.]

What I want to know is where are the lovely cassandra and the enticing pandora, who--if the inferences to be drawn from their postings--are truly the people's candidates for Delaware's Hottest Bloggers.

I sense a sexist double-standard liberal plot here.

But you can venture over the Delawareliberal yourself (, can't paste in links on this public computer) and shake your head in disapproval.

cassandra? pandora? Surely you are not going to let these dweebs carry off the crown!?

Your essential hotness shows through in every post you write. Get out there and shake it ladies.

And everyone else, remember, the proceeds of all votes at the next Drinking Liberally on July 31 go toward sending Tom to Denver for the convention.

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Pandora said...

Tell me that you'll be there, Steve. And... that I can count on your vote!