Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is this where the debate over immigration has taken us--to complete dehumanization?

From The Curvature:

Juana Villegas DeLaPaz, identified as an illegal alien, was taken into custody by the Berry Hill Police Department (in the Nashville TN area), just as she went into labor...

...under armed guard handcuffed to by her wrist and ankle to a hospital bed. When she arrived at the hospital, the nurse asked the accompanying officer to step outside while Villegas DeLaPaz changed into her hospital gown - he refused, forcing Villegas DeLaPaz to unclothe before him. Then she was shackled on her legs whenever she went to the bathroom. The nurse asked that the shackles be removed because she wanted Villegas DeLaPaz to be able to clean up after childbirth and do other hygiene to prevent infection. Again, the attending officer refused. Her newborn was taken from her and did not receive needed breast milk for several days. She was re-jailed and denied a breast pump to express her milk. Nurses attending her were crying. She could not sleep in the jail because of the intense pain from her swollen breasts. She was not allowed to call her family so her husband could be with her for the birth.

Cara's comment is right on point:

Too many people seem to forget or attempt to erase the fact that immigration status has nothing to do with a person’s status as a human being.

The same comment could also be made concerning detainees in the war on terror, or even airline passengers with body jewelry or politically incorrect T-shirts.

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