Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something's definitely happening in North Carolina: Chris Cole at 6%!

The Tarrance Group now reports Libertarian Senate candidate Chris Cole running at 6% in North Carolina, thoroughly disrupting the Libby Dole-Kay Hagan race, in which the margin separating the two candidates is . . . only 7%.

Put this together with Bob Barr reliably polling around 5-6% for President and Mike Munger showing up at 3-6% (depending on the poll and the day), along with the fact that the Libertarian Party of North Carolina raised over $200,000 and collected 108,000 signatures for ballot access, and if this holds up....

You've potentially got the beginnings of real three-party politics in North Carolina.

[h/t Independent Political Report--whose site registration technical foul-up still won't let me post comments there.]

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