Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kentucky Libertarians dump Sonny "Bomb all the Camel-dung Shovelers" Landham

From Paulie Cannoli at Independent Political Report:

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky dumped Sonny Landham as its candidate for the U.S. Senate on Monday, one week after the former actor made several anti-Arab remarks.

In a nine-to-nothing vote, the party decided to withdraw its support of Landham. This means the party will not have a candidate in the November election.

Last week, Landham publicly remarked that Arabs should not be allowed to travel to the United States. He said Arabs should not be in America’s schools, and he said the United States should have bombed Saudi Arabia, Syria, and other Arab nations.

In a statement, the state party said it stands for tolerance of all people, regardless of race, creed, sex, and national origin.

Landham, as you may have read here earlier this week, is a nutjob who stood a chance at becoming our party's David Duke or Lyndon Larouche. Granted we have some colorful characters--and even some quaint ideas--but it is good to see that certain principles (non-aggression chief among them) survive.

I compliment the nine members of the LPKY for their guts and their judgment.


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