Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is Allen Buckley starting to break through in Georgia?

Lucid Idiocy posts When Common Sense Scares Me:

If I told you there was guy running for the United States Senate here in Georgia with a CPA and a law degree, who quotes from Government Accountability Office reports predicting "serious economic disruptions in the future" if we don't change our economic policies; who wants to drastically simplify the tax code and link the tax rate directly to spending; who wants to balance the federal budget; who has an energy plan; an immigration plan; and wants to reduce foreign intervention, how would all that sound?

Uh-oh, though, he's a Libertarian. And he's pitching solutions that "will involve sacrifice."

A longer rumination on Buckley will appear tomorrow in the Macon Telegraph's Political Notebook, courtesy of reporter Travis Fain, who is the Lucid Idiot.

Buckley is still not being covered in the polls, which is understandable. Most interest is focused on which of the remaining uninspiring Democrats will survive the primary process to take on Saxhole Chambliss, and the majority of polls are being funded by the Dems. So they don't want to hear about a third party candidate.

On the other hand, the AARP has joined the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in reporting Buckley's opinions on the Question of the Week along the other hopefuls. As usual, Buckley sounds more realistic than Chambliss:

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