Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Delaware Libertarian Takes to the "Air"waves - Steve Newton

When Delaware Libertarian's founder Steve Newton asked me to join him here as a contributor I was admittedly intimidated.

Having been a consistent reader I was acutely aware of the quality and depth of which Steve is consistently capable in his writing, not to mention how prolific. I thought : how could I possibly keep up, much less measure up?

But in addition to having genius, Steve is a genuinely kind person who puts his "money where his mouth is" in both politics and life generally. He immediately put me at ease and welcomed me wholeheartedly as a libertarian brother in arms.

I am proud to be associated with Steve Newton in any way. But even more I am proud to call him a friend.

So without further adieu, it gives me great pleasure to post Steve's first appearance on Delaware Talk Radio, as a guest of Mike Matthews on DownWithAbsolutes Radio.

I trust Steve will become one of Mike's regular guests, as his schedule permits, and will continue offering the type of quality and substance in commentary you will hear in his first go-round :

Many thanks to Mike Matthews for his generosity in having both Steve and myself onto his show. Keep up the great work, Mike.

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downwithabsolutes said...

Steve was awesome. Hope to have him on as a regular!