Monday, October 27, 2008

NYers for Obama-Palin '08

Interesting little slice of life audio clip from the Howard Stern show.

There is certainly no shortage of uninformed idiots all across the political spectrum. But these examples are particularly-telling, though hardly unique, of how sheep-like and shallow so many potential voters really are.

Of course no voter need be a political junkie to make a competent choice. But when you have self-identified Obama voters heartily-endorsing his running mate Sarah Palin, his support for remaining in Iraq, and his pro-life position, is this really the 'change we need'....or can afford....or even know what the hell we're talking about?

Big mystery a manipulative sloganeering cult of personality is apparently playing out so succesfully in 2008 America. Democrats have certainly perfected their own version of the same type of brainwashing that had large swaths of idiots firmly convinced that Iraq was behind 9/11/01.

uber-self-righteous loony tune Democrats are positively unhinged, consumed that planet earth consist of : THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Non-Democrats and Republicans are to be crushed until dead.

Yes we can! ....Hope!! ...Change!!! ......Remember 9/11 !!(?)!! ...... something!!!!!.....anything!!!!!!.......EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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a most peculiar nature said...

Some uber-self-righteous loony tune Democrats are positively unhinged...

Heh, Tyler you really have a way with words. I had heard this recording before, and as much as I dislike Howard Stern, it was really quite revealing and he had alot of chutzpah to release it (not that he is lacking in that department).

I wrote a piece last week about a friend of mine who told me that people he encounters at work and elsewhere automatically assume that he is voting for Obama, simply because my friend is black. He found this quite troubling and amazing...he said that people don't even give it a second thought, they simply assume.

Now, that's just plain crazy.