Thursday, October 9, 2008

Once again our favorite so-called "Libertarian Republican" distorts the news about Senator Barack Obama

Here's what Eric Dondero at Lunatic-pretending-to-be-a-Libertarian-Republican thinks you'll believe as a smear against Senator Barack Obama:

In an email to Libertarian Republican blog, National Ballot Access Expert, and Publisher of Ballot Access News, Richard Winger of San Francisco, confirmed that Barack Hussein Obama accepted the nomination of the NY New Party for his 2008 Presidential bid. The New Party has been in the news in the last couple days, ever since a document was uncovered from 1996 establishing Obama as a member of the Party. The New Party is a political arm of the Democrat Socialists of America....

It has been mistakenly reported on numerous news blogs and websites since this story broke two days ago, that the New Party went defunct in 2000. Now in an exclusive, LR has learned from Winger, that indeed they did not go defunct, but rather simply changed their name.

Winger goes on to point out that they are currently very much active and organized in a number of states. Winger specifically stated that as for the nomination for President for the (Socialist) New Party for 2008, he "accepted it in New York."

Only one tiny little problem with this scoop, Eric old son: Richard Winger has disowned you in a post entitled Attacks on Obama for Association with New Party Display Massive Ignorance:

On October 9, many news sources that are hostile to Barack Obama announced that Barack Obama was a member of the New Party in the 1990’s. These news sources then say that the New Party was “socialist” and sometimes they even say the New Party was “Marxist”. Here is a sample.

The New Party changed its name to the Working Families Party in 1998, the same year it set out to run candidates. The Working Families Party is so mainstream, it mostly supports Democratic nominees, but this year it has also cross-endorsed Republican candidates for state legislature in every state in which it is running legislative candidates. The party has legislative candidates in New York, Delaware, and Connecticut. All three of these states permit fusion. The following statistics refer to state legislative races. In Delaware, the party has cross-endorsed three Republicans; in Connecticut it has cross-endorsed two Republicans; in New York it has cross-endorsed eleven Republicans.

The cross-endorsed Republican legislative nominees in Delaware are: Terry Spence, William Oberle, and Vincent Lofink. In Connecticut the Republican nominees are John Kissel and Leonard Fasano. In New York the Republican nominees are Thomas Morahan, George Maziarz, Fred Thiele, James Conte, Joseph Seledino, Robert Barra, David McDonough, Thomas Alfano, Anthony Nunziato, Dede Scozzafava, and John Kaczorowski.

Most of the Working Families Party nominations go to Democrats. The Working Families Party stands for the same political goals that the AFL-CIO stands for. Some Republicans in state legislatures are friendly to labor’s goals, so the Working Families Party is generally willing to cross-endorse such Republicans.

The Working Families Party cross-endorsed Al Gore in New York in 2000, John Kerry in 2004, and Barack Obama this year.

Now while [channeling donviti] I find it a great wooooohooooo that the same party that endorsed Barack Obama for President has also endorsed Terry Spence, Bill Oberle, and Vince Lofink, the attempt to smear Obama with this is so utter beyond the pale that even Eric Dondero ought to be ashamed.

But, of course, he isn't.


Bowly said...

"The New Party changed its name to the Working Families Party in 1998, the same year it set out to run candidates."

That claim is not technically true. The Working Families party was founded by some entities involved in The New Party, but it was not as simple as a name change.

As far as support of Republicans showing that they're not socialist...well, the Republican nominee for president just advocated buying a lot of mortgages, so that doesn't mean anything.

Anne Althouse ( found an article which she thought supported the claim that the New Party wasn't socialist. From the article:

"the party's vehement support of 'living wage' campaigns."

"When you say, 'It doesn't seem fair that Michael Eisner makes $ 75,000 an hour,' people respond to that."

"The party also supports progressive taxation, international workers rights, environmental protection, urban renewal and the public financing of elections"

This is all proof to her that the party was NOT socialist, mind you.

Now, whether this tarnishes Obama is another matter. But it seems to me that redefining the 1996 NP through the 2008 WFP is at least as much of a stretch.

Bowly said...

Reading more about the WFP, I'm less convinced that it's any different than the NP. Support of Republicans was probably based on political considerations (we scratch your back, you support us on this issue). For example, Terry Spence was a supporter of the minimum wage increase.

I don't know. Judge them for yourself.

Why did you go and make me defend Dondero?

Steve Newton said...

Defending Eric is your cross to bear, not mine. The point of the post was not the positions of the WFP or any of its predecessors, but the distortion that to be endorsed by them made anyone [like Terry Spence of Vince Lofink] part of a specific socialist agenda.

Senator Obama is a Statist, progressive Democrat who seeks to use the power of government for social engineering purposes. That's what I disagree with.

If he cannot be defeated on the issues, then character assassination or guilt by association seems to me a poor way to go about changing the outcome of an election.

Eric has dug up every half-truth and rumor he could find, and posted them as definitive scoops about Obama.

The Libertarian way of politics needs to be about attacking issues and ideas, not people.

Eric Dondero said...

Change your headline to "Lunatic for Liberty."

I will do anything in my power to defend Liberty. I have dedicated my entire life to that cause. And will die for the libertarian movement if necessary.

(And it appears we all may get the chance to die for Liberty if Obama wins. Concentration camps, Pol Pot style murder sprees by the government, gun confiscation, all within months of him ascending to power.)

Eric Dondero said...

Steve, Obama is a Nazi, plain and simple. Don't try to mince words. We are looking at the closest man in American history to a real live reincarnation to Adolph Hitler.

The man has a PERFECT National Socialist voting record as judged by the Marxist ADA: 100 2 years in a row.

One of his Senate colleagues in Illinois - Steve Rauschenberg told the 2006 IL Libertarian Party State Convention: "Obama? Nice guy, but he's got a voting record to the Left of Mao Tse Tung."

Continue in denial if you wish. But I won't be carted off to Obama's gulags, re-education camps, and gas chambers without a fight.

Don't you realize Libertarians will be the very first people Obama's thugs will come after?

Eric Dondero said...

BTW, I grew up in Delaware. I know the Oberles. They are huge RINOs: Republicans in Name Only.

They are huge Leftwingers, and how they get away with calling themselves "Republicans" is beyond me?

Naturally, the Socialist New Party would support RINO Bill Oberle.