Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Traveling again when the Phillies play, damn it

... but in the midst of a lay-over in Charlotte I did find out they are up 1-0 in the top of the third.

Is there a debate on tonight? Is anybody watching?

Tomorrow: Clay County, Florida, public schools [just south of Jacksonsville], where--much to jason's chagrin--I will be employing all my Libertarian wiles to get history teachers to instruct students as if economics, freedom, and civil discourse actually mattered. Yeah, as if....

Of course, even though I do this work for a private company, that company is paid by school districts that got a Federal grant, which (I'm pretty sure here) makes some sort of diseased whore to my fellow Libertarians.

But even diseases whores have to pay for their beach condos, and besides--if it wasn't for the piecework on the side my wife and I wouldn't be making enough money for Barack Obama to notice, so that we could be Joe-Biden-patriotic and pay more taxes.

Amazing how this all works out, isn't it?

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