Monday, October 20, 2008

No, it's not an endorsement, but the Indianapolis Star does right by Erc Schansberg

From the IndyStar's election round-up:

9th District

Given the prevalence of gerrymandering and a campaign financing system that favors incumbents, it's uncommon for voters to be offered a choice between two well-qualified candidates in congressional races. But three strong candidates competing for one House seat? That's unheard of. Or at least that's the case outside this southeastern Indiana district, where for the second time Democrat Baron Hill, Libertarian Eric Schansberg and Republican Mike Sodrel face off.

Schansberg, an Indiana University Southeast economics professor, is a prime example of how far the Libertarian Party has advanced in Indiana. He's thoughtful and well versed on core issues.

So too is Sodrel, who lost the seat to Hill in 2006. Sodrel brings a business owner's experience and expertise to issues such as energy and health care. His previous stint in Congress gives him a depth of knowledge rare among challengers. And the past two years outside of Washington have helped temper partisan tendencies.

Hill, a proud "blue-dog'' Democrat, has shown encouraging growth in the past two years, but remains the weakest of the three candidates in addressing, with specifics, issues such as how to curb government spending.

Voters should seize the opportunity to return Sodrel to Congress.

Let's get this straight: the Indianapolis Star actually gave the Libertarian the nod over the Democratic incumbent?

Look for the sun to rise in the South tomorrow.

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