Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eric Schansberg moving up in Indiana

Survey USA has Indiana 9th Congressional Libertarian candidate Dr Eric Schansberg moving up from 5-7% in the latest poll.

This is an interesting development as the incumbent Democrat Baron Hill is now up 53-38 over former GOP Representative Mike Sodrel, meaning that the seat is no longer seriously in doubt, which may be freeing some people to vote their conscience rather than party lines.

Here's the response from the Schansberg campaign:

Schansberg said: "We're glad to continue building support. In the past month, we've run a lot of radio and TV commercials. And we've had many opportunities to meet voters, talk on the radio about the bailout, and give speeches to groups throughout the District."

On progress by Hill and his own campaign, Schansberg remarked: "It makes sense. Baron and I have been running more active campaigns, especially with paid media. Our commercials seem to have been effective in drawing people to our efforts."

On the impact of Hill's huge lead on his campaign, Schansberg commented: "With a margin of victory that is perceived and expected to be that great, it should be easier for people to vote on their principles instead of worrying about 'wasting their votes'. So, that's good news for us. Of course, I think people are wasting their votes by voting for the same old candidates. If they really want change like we always hear abouthen they have the opportunity this time for a credible and fresh choice in the 9th District."

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