Saturday, October 4, 2008

You see, if we just got rid of Angela Keaton, Wayne Root would make it all right

I was worrying about how to build an effective freedom-based political party on the ashes of the Libertarian Party.

I should have know that with Wayne Allyn Root on the case, I needn't have worried.

Independent Political Report cites Root's interview with the NYT:

The Libertarians have been a debate society since 1971. No one ever thought about winning. And then I came along. … Bob Barr and I are going to get a million to three million votes this year. In 2012 I expect to duplicate Ross Perot’s number of 19 million. In 2016 I expect to be a credible third-party candidate, and in 2020 I plan to win.

Remember that Alec Baldwin used to say he'd go to Canada if Dubya won the election?

I making sure my visa hasn't expired in 2020.


John Famularo said...

Root is off on his prediction by an order of magnitude. It is unlikely the Barr-Root ticket will get more than .4% of the vote. I wonder what odds he will give me on a be

George Phillies said...

I am reminded of the ca. 1999 LNC National Chair David Bergland's strategic plan for the LP. Root's plan is about equally audacious.

George Donnelly said...

Audacious plans are fine by me, as long as they're detailed and don't revolve around one person's messiah complex. :)