Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A potential place of refuge for those who think they'll need to leave the country after the election

Personally, I have considerable faith in the resiliency of the American people, so whichever Statist (Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama) wins the Presidential election I plan to tough it out and keep paying for my retirement condo at the Beach.

However, if Senator Obama abruptly tanks, jason and cassandra at Delawareliberal may need to consider fleeing the country. McCain will have constructed a political narrative that favors his lies rather than having won the election, so all will be lost.

Should Senator McCain fail to overcome his current deficit, David Anderson might think about looking for his passport, as Obama will have the mandate to destroy all traditional American values.

Here, courtesy of Strange Maps, is a possible destination for American expatriates:

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Anonymous said...

Marvelous. I note that the Superior Caisse is the one with the oil wells, while the Inferior Caisse relies on tourism. Now, I'm not saying Liberals are inferior, but they sure hate oil, so I can guess which one they'll choose.