Friday, October 17, 2008

John McCain : Wit and Class

Maybe it was because of all the tension in this crazy campaign season, but I literally laughed out loud through this whole thing when I saw it last night.

(Towards the end of the 1st clip he hilariously roasts MSNBC and its Lead McCain Basher - Keith Olbermann).

Say what you will about John McCain but the man has a great sense of humor and his parting words about Senator Obama show class through and through...

The last minute (after he praises Senator Obama) is priceless.


Jeremy Filliben said...

This was without a doubt the funniest thing I've seen this election cycle. Thanks for posting!

LiberalGeek said...

BOTH of them were very funny. I love that Obama said that contrary to popular opinion, he was not born in a manger. He was, in fact born on Krypton, and was sent by his Dad, Jar-El, to save Earth.

Hube said...

Uh, Geek -- that'd be JOR-El. C'mon, get it RIGHT!!

(I'm geekier than you.)

Tyler Nixon said...

Humor is not Obama's strong suit, Geek. I think we can all admit that. I thought his closing comments were excellent and moving.

Anonymous said...

I thought is was an extension of the debate.
It made more sense than the debates.
Now If McCain could project himself in that light, more than 'serious', he would impress those who read body language.
[ Insult intended for those who 'read minds and secret intentions, and know what people REALLY mean.'. ]

Tyler Nixon said...

Amen to your sentiment about body language critics re: McCain. Give me an effing break with such heel-biting dreck.

McCain is a jovial person who is not afraid to use occasional goofy facial expressions, whether in reaction or to make light of a moment.

I can relate to this very human trait in myself and friends. We crack each other up and it is an endearing and genuine.

I guess if smooth perfection is one's bag, no one with a sense of humor and self-effacing physicality could ever measure up. Nuts to that.

Pandora said...

I laughed at both performances. Some really great lines last night.

And while I agree that the body language is not fair, it does exist... just ask Al Gore.